Nadezhda & Blagoy

IMG_2919Ever thought that the wedding is just a noisy event passes for hours without even understand. Now that our wedding day is behind me and I can say that this is one of the most – important and happy days in my life. What will remain forever the memories of that day, and you Petya definitely know how to create them. Huge thank you and Dobrin that were to us, showing us what is professionalism and recreated our story in frames! Ability to capture the details and most – already, to capture the true emotions is a skill that not everyone has, it’s  a gift! All my life I have dealt with art and I can say only one thing – a obeisance to the talent that you have! May be repeated, but I’ll say it again: For us to Blago was not just fun, it was a privilege to work with you and that is to make these beautiful pictures together to create a memory of our wedding day! I wish one day again to shoot together! Thank you!

Eva & Sami

IMG_7019So … For Petya I can say only good things! :) She keep our wedding day forever in amazing photos that only she can create! I know that I made the right choice and I would recommend it to everyone! I offered her something she had not encountered until then the results were super, indicating the professional and talent. If looking at her pictures, you pass thought to check other photographers, do not forget that nowadays has super cameras already that make great photos, but when such a camera in the hands of a professional as а Petya, the result are fantastic and unique. Petya, thank you for the coolest days that we spent together! :)

Kalina & Todor

IMG_7465Our wedding was great! Petya managed to do so real and vivid photos that all our friends say that they watch and enjoy a few times! Petya, Thank you for your delicate art by doing this unforgettable and unique day for us all alive!